JASA ACS Reproducibility Guide


Reproducibility guide for authors and reviewers publishing in the Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA) Applications and Case Studies (ACS) section.

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The JASA ACS Reproducibility Guide

As of September 2016, all submissions to JASA Applications and Case Studies must include code, data, and the workflow to reproduce the work presented.

These web pages provide guidance on reproducibility for authors and reviewers in JASA ACS.

Guidance for authors

  1. In preparing your materials, please see our guidelines for authors, which is also provided in JASA’s instructions for authors.
  2. Authors must fill out the ACC form, documenting the reproducibility of their work.
  3. Feel free to look at previously published articles for example reproducible materials. All reproducibility materials for published articles (those submitted as of September 2016) are available at https://github.com/jasa-acs. We particularly recommend the reproducibility materials in the following articles:

Guidance for reviewers

When possible we ask that JASA ACS associate editors ask one of the reviewers to review a given manuscript for reproducibility. When this is not feasible one of the JASA ACS associate editors for reproducibility (AER) can carry out this review (by selecting the generic ‘reviewer for reproducibility’ in the review system. In all cases an AER reviews a manuscript before it is accepted for publication.

  1. Please see our guidelines for reviewers when reviewing a manuscript for reproducibility.
  2. We ask that reproducibility reviewers consider these review criteria and ideally explicitly fill out a review form (simply create a document with the headers as given in that link) and include the completed form as an attachment with your review.

General resources on reproducibility

Various journals are now requiring or strongly encouraging authors to provide code and data to reproduce their work. In addition, many researchers have written guidance on best practices for reproducibility. These are just a few of the many resources you may find online.

  1. Guidance from a group of reproducibility (aka ‘data’) editors of social science journals.
  2. The American Economic Association requires code and data for all submissions to the AEA journals. Here is guidance from the AEA data editor.


Please contact the Associate Editors for Reproducibility at jasa.app.cs.aer@gmail.com with any questions about the guidelines for authors or for reviewers, or if you are interested in learning more about our reproducibility initiative.